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I work with clients in France(Especially Paris), Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany,  Spain and the USA. With 20% of my clients based in Paris and across France, I have a particular passion for assisting those looking to relocate to France or those leaders of tomorrow that want to be part of the exciting start-up culture that is in Paris. I also worked with Expats and all types of jobseekers, both native to France and those who have made it their home. I always undertake adequate research in order to ensure my clients succeed in their career goals. I also understand the global Resume market and the different complexities, protocols, and industry guidelines across the world. Email me your Resume now. Get your dream job today.


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    Most Frequent Questions and Answers

    Pro Resume Services operates from my office in Dublin, Ireland. With extensive experience working with clients in France and over 10+ years of expertise interacting with clients across the EU and the Globe, I have established a robust client base in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and all across the country, along with many other parts of the EU. This experience equips me to write, format, and construct Executive Resumes and Non-Executive Resumes tailored for clients targeting roles in all sectors. I can also customize the design, style, and format when targeting native French companies, distinct from international companies, start-ups, and multinationals. This adaptation is crucial for international job seekers, expats, and managers. My base in Ireland and hands-on experience with clients in 12 other countries allow me to comprehend the hiring protocols, systems, and procedures used by international companies and multinationals across The Globe. Regardless of the type of role you are targeting, I can assist you.

    Jobseekers and clients from diverse sectors, locations, and backgrounds seek our services to gain the upper hand when it comes to securing that role. In the context of clients in France, many reside in Paris and the South of France, and others are originally from France but based across the Globe. They range from those targeting Executive, Managerial, or Entrepreneurial roles to those seeking a CV document with a ‘Wow!’ factor. Having closely collaborated with government leaders, international executives, investors, senior managers, and various other positions, I am confident in working with any client requiring an exceptional CV document.

    As a standard practice, I work with clients until they are 100% satisfied with the service. This includes tweaking, rewriting, and formatting the CV, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn until clients are confident in possessing the ultimate job-winning CV.

    In early 2024, I re-branded the Pro CV website in Ireland to Pro HR Services, aligning with my focus on professionals, Executives, Managers, and international job seekers. Previous reviews are available on our former website, Procv.ie. I place greater emphasis on delivering for clients rather than accumulating reviews on Google. Notably, 40% of my current client base comes from referrals from former clients.

    I personally handle the writing or editing of all CV documents. During busy periods, I may collaborate with qualified Executive CV writers while overseeing and editing all the documents myself, including the CV, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile. Rest assured that you will always be aware of the individual working on your new CV, ensuring transparency throughout the process.


    Project pricing depends on the scope of work involved, making it challenging to provide a simple answer. In summary, prices range from €149 to €599 for a C-Level Executive CV, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn. To obtain specific pricing, simply email or upload your current CV for a free review.


    Since 2021, the average percentage of phone inquiries that are scams or spam has surged from 5% to 80%. This global issue affects small businesses, consuming significant profits. Fortunately, my secure email and online contact form system allows for productive, secure, and swift communication with clients. This system, if anything, benefits the business and clients equally by providing more time for research and writing.

    Feel free to email me with any additional questions; I typically respond within a few hours.